Saturday, December 27, 2008

A special visitor

I woke up this morning and found a special visitor on our doorstep. Here is the story behind him...

On Christmas Eve's eve, we went to a dirty santa Party at our friends house... Lynn and John. A dirty santa party is where you pick a gift, open it and then the next person can either steal your gift or pick another gift. I was nice and didn't steal a gift and opened this "ADORABLE - (wink, wink)" caroler. Can you believe that some of our friends actually stole this from me!!! I was sooo upset. I ended up with a Starbucks gift certificate. DARN!!! (wink wink).

Anyway.... when I opened our front door this morning, I was surprised to find my special friend on my doorstep. Now I can enjoy Baby Dixie until next Christmas. YAHHOOO! We are so excited. I just hope he likes it here and doesn't run away!!!!!


Shannon Buck said...

*PERK* A Starbucks gift card! Sounds to me like you hit the holiday jackpot because there is no greater gift than STARBUCKS! Woohoo for you!! LOL :)~

Hope you had a GREAT Christmas. :)

Missgingerdots said...

Oh... but wouldn't you want a blue caroler or whatever it is in your garden? I am the ENVY of the neighborhood. How is that for a dry sense of humor? LOL!