Monday, December 15, 2008

After the Christmas Tree Crash

Ok, several hours later... the house is back to normal. I ran to Walrmart this morning and got another Christmas tree. It's all decorated with all my Kitchen Christmas ornaments. Hopefully this one won't crash tonight!

We have had a busy day around here getting ready for the CTMH team cookie exchange today! I baked cookies with a little help from Faith and Daisy! Ho, ho, ho!

Enjoying the season...



Barb said...

Your tree is beautiful, Faith is precious and I wish I could be there with you all tonight! Please give my best to everyone!
Hugs, Barb

Melanie said...

Tina...your house (from what I could see of the slideshow) is gorgeous and I LOVE how you have it decorated. Faith is adorable as is Daisy. :) I hope you-all have fun! Wish I could be there, tonight, too! Just a bit too far. :(

Have a GREAT day!

Jenny-May said...

So I'm a little late, but how cute is this post!?!? Faith is absolutely adorable and I love the rest of the pics! Thanks for sharing!