Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long Beach, California

I am having a blast in California. I have been up almost 24 hours but it's all good. Today, Barb and I found a great Mexican Resturant!
Boy have I missed the mexican food here! Did I say YUM! After we had a yummy lunch, we cruised the town, did some shopping and went to Walmart to buy Chocolate for Chocolate Universtiy (my team training day). The Walmart here is diffenet than any other Walmart I have ever seen. I couldn't help it... I had to post a
photo. Love the look of it- the palm trees make a


Karen said...

Quit having so much fun. I don't get there until this afternoon. THEN you can have fun! :)

Melanie said...

LOL...that is a different Wal-Mart!

By the way...you look FANTASTIC!!! Love that color on you!

Brenda said...

Miss Tina, it looks like you are having a great time! Check my blog as I've left you something!

Fabulous Flamingo said...

Mmmmm have a chicken quesadilla for me! Have a great time in Sunny California!

Hungry Flamingo ~ Cathy