Monday, July 13, 2009

Dumpster Diving

At the end of the Atlanta Expo, I am very sad to announce that one of the vendors, DUMPED all their left over products in a dumpster! To make matters worse, they poured paint all over the products to prevent others from taking their product and using it. I feel that this is so sad, because the products could have been donated to a church or a school! It just seems so wasteful.

Do you really think a little paint a dumpster can stop scrapbookers? The photos below tell the story of what happened next!


I have a feeling that there will be some happy children learning to scrapbook in the very near future!


Fabulous Flamingo said...

Lordy Lordy! You girls are the painted scrapbook angels! I've never seen such pretty Dumpster Diva's

Laughing Flamingo ~ Cathy

jendan02 said...

I am sad I can't see the photos. But sounds like a good scrapbook to scrap.

Kimberly Schwartz said...

I was at Expo. Had a great time and the CTMH booth looked GREAT, Tina! And I enjoyed your Rolodex class.

I'm just kind of sick to see this kind of wanton wastefulness on the part of this vendor (I think I can figure out which one it was). As you said, a church, elder care home, community center, or Ronald McDonald House, among others, would have been SO delighted to get these things and the company could have taken a tax deduction and been a good corporate citizen at the same time. I may be the only one, but I'm planning to write a rather strongly-worded letter to this company and it will be awhile - if ever - before I buy any of their products again. This is just sad.

Great dumpster diving pictures, though! :-)

SamieVt said...

Unfortunately, I could not view any photo. However, were I to know of this vendor, I would not buy from a company who makes choices such as this!