Saturday, July 25, 2009

Animal Encounters

Kent is off from work every other Friday due to his company having a flex schedule. Yesterday, happened to be his day off. Both of our work schedules have been insane this week so we decided to take an afternoon break and take the dogs and our boat out for an spin. A normal boating trip, turned into our own private excursion.

The weather was so clear, and the water was calm. We were cruisin' along when all of a sudden, Kent quickly turned the boat around. We were shocked to see this beautiful sea turtle cruisin' the bay. I have lived in Florida for 32 years off and on and have NEVER seen a sea turtle in the bay. Luckily, I had my camera. It was magical watching this beautiful animal swim along! I can't believe I actually captured such a good photo of him. Even the dogs sat in awe and watched Mr. Sea Turtle swim along.

After we left the turtle, we cruised to Crab Island and Destin Harbor. As we arrived, we saw the dolphin boats. We zoomed over and the dolphins were giving their afternoon performance. We watched the dolphins swim for almost a half an hour. They played with us, swam next to the boat, and jumped. There were two babies that we saw and they were so active. One was doing flips, jumping and just having a good time. I love the photo that I captured with Daisy watching the dolphin encounter!.

I am so lucky to live on the Emerald Coast. The magic in the beach and water is undescribable. What wonderful memories I have of an ordinary afternoon. Life is good!

Off to the scrapbook room. I have layouts to do!

Have a great weekend!



Fabulous Flamingo said...

Oh what a great afternoon you had! I can't believe the sea turtle.... that's amazing! Have a great weekend!

Amazed Flamingo ~ Cathy

Karen said...

What a fun afternoon! I wish I could have been there with you, Kent and the doggies!

Jennifer Bohnart said...

oh you are making me miss things so much! love your pictures! see you soon!

Anne said...

Wow, you got a great shot of the turtle!! That is hard to do. We were in Hawaii in July and I really wanted to see a sea turtle. I snorkeled with my son and didn't see any. My husband, who was on the beach watching us, kept seeing see turtles near the water's edge. I was so jealous. Luckily, he took a little walk while we were drying off and spotted one that had just come out of the water and called us over to take some pictures! I am mesmerized by all sea creatures!