Monday, June 8, 2009

Life is Good!

Kent and I started collected seashells a few weeks ago. Actually, it happened by accident. A few weeks we went to Navarre Beach and Kent brought his snorkel mask and started snorkeling. He was shocked to find beautiful seashells under the sea! One thing lead to another, and a new hobby was formed.

I took these photos yesterday, Kent must have spent two hours in the water collecting shells. I was in and out, helping when I had the urge, collecting rays the rest of the time . Together we collected two bags of shells, enough to fill a candy jar. There is something very rewarding about shelling. I think it is the Sutton’s newest addiction!

This is just a small portion of the shells we found! I had enough shells to fill two jars. FUN!

Ahhh... Life is GOOD!


Jennifer said...

If we had those shells in NJ I'd be shelling every day!!!! And I love the foot shot-cool!

Melanie said... really know how to make a "girl that lives on the other side of the Gulf Coast" jealous!!!! Man, I wish 1) our water was THAT gorgeous; 2) our beaches were THAT clean and 3) that we had those AWESOME shells!!!! HA!HA!