Monday, June 8, 2009

Friends are Forever!

Meet Becky! Becky is my oldest friend. (Longevity wise, not age wise..LOL) We met when we were 6 years old, walking home from school. She was on one side of the road, and I was on the other side and we started talking (or should I say yelling) across the street. My throat got sore and I asked her to come across the street and talk to me. She said "no, she was not allowed to cross the street". Then she asked me to cross... and guess what I did. I said "No, I wasn't allowed to cross the street either!" (that probably surprises everyone). We were very good girls. We went home and asked our Mom's if we could play together. The rest is history. Becky and I spent endless afternoons solving worlds problems. We were great friends until we graduated. Then we both got married and moved away. Becky and I have kept in touch until our 20th class reunion and then we lost touch. But... thanks to Facebook we found each other again. She was in town this weekend and we met for dinner at the Fish House. It was so great to see her! She is as beautiful as ever and I felt like it was just yesterday we were doing cartwheels and talking about our boyfriends. FRIENDS are forever and I am so grateful to have Becky as my "oldest" friend.

Note: Becky is holding a camera in her hand. WOOHOOO... she is a scrapbooker. Gotta love that!

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Karen said...

What a wonderful story! Scrap that. She is as darling as you are, my friend.