Saturday, September 5, 2009

Greetings From Port St. Joe, Florida

Hello from Port St. Joe, Florida. Kent and I are here with my dear friend and CTMH assistant Debbie. Debbie and her family visit Port St. Joe every Labor Day weekend and this year she invited us to vacation with them. The weather is beautiful and the forecast today is "Scalloping" I grew up in Florida but have never scalloped before. I am so excited.

We arrived yesterday and caught a beautiful sunset. Last night we went to a restaurant called "THE RAW BAR" which is known for it's raw oysters. It was the most unique restau
rant I have ever visited. It is located in the middle of no where. You drive down this road, where there is not much around, and all of a sudden you see this small
building with people EVERY WHERE! They are having a hoe down on the front porch, and people are practically standing in the road. It is 7:30 and you have to wait for a table. It is first come first serve, so that is interesting within itself. Debbie's daughter's are great friends with a local guy, who knows what is going on, so we just squeezed right in. There are maybe 10 tables in the place and it took about an hour to get your food. The place was jammed pack and on the front porch there is live music and dancing.

The oysters and the shrimp were to DIE for. I grew up in Florida and have eaten seafood my entire life. This was some of the best I have ever had.

I feel like I am in a town where time stands still.
Life is good and life is easy. Can't wait to see what today brings!


P.S. I had a heck of a time uploading photos today. Blogger WOULD NOT cooperate! So, I am just going with it. Enjoy the photos, ignore the layout! Gotta run, I have scallops to catch!


Fabulous Flamingo said...

Yummmm! Look at those oysters Kent's eating.... WOW! Looks like a seafood fandango!

Hungry Flamingo ~ Cathy

Barb said...

Oh what fun! It looks like you are having a blast!! What an awesome sunset!! And the food - yum, yum... Hugs to you all...