Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back AWAY from that JEEP!

I decided to take yesterday off. I figured that I deserved it, after all I had just finished working three 14 hour days. I was desperately behind in my errands so I thought that yesterday would be a perfect opportunity to relax and get my errands done.

My day started out great. I got dressed, the sun was shining (after 10 days of rain) and I was heading to Destin! There was one small problem. I couldn't find my keys. Hey, my glass is half full, so tno problem. Remember the day that I locked myself out of the jeep a few weeks back. When AAA came that day and unlocked my car that day, I had them make me an extra set of keys. There is more than one way to skin a cat... I was set to enjoy my day!

That is until I tried to unlock the jeep. I put the key into the car door and the siren started blaring! Waaa, Waaa, Waaa, Waaa (can't you just hear it?). Let me tell you, jeep alarms are LOUD! So, I put my key in the ignition to try to disable it. The noise continued and the car starts but then stalls out! Ok, don't panic, my regular keys are in the house somewhere, I will go find them. 1o minutes later, I am still looking for those keys and I hear a knock on the door. My neighbor Mike is here to check on me and to make sure everything is ok. I am on the phone to Kent, who is at work, checking to see if he had my keys by mistake. Kent can hear the car alarm through the phone!

Mike comes over and is trying to help me. He gets the alarm to turn off. (for 5 seconds) Then it starts alll over. After 20 minutes Mike gives up! I decide to call the jeep dealer. (this has been going on for about 45 minutes and I can barely thing.) I go to grab my cell phone out of my purse and guess what I grab instead.... You guessed it.... MY KEYS! I clicked the jeep key and finally... silence.

Bottom line... don't even think about stealing a jeep... JUST BACK AWAY! And, if you buy a Jeep, spend the money and get an extra key made from the Jeep Dealer!

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Karen said...

Hillarious! Thanks for sharing your story and giving me a giggle for the day.