Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cookie Exchange Album FINISHED!

I finished my cookie exchange album this morning.  I finally got my photos developed and put where they belong.  The album is from my Scattered Hearts annual Christmas cookie exchange.  I used CTMH all-sorts album and had so much fun creating with it.  There was only one small problem, I didn't have enough pages to get everyone's photo in the book.  Not to worry, when I get home from New Zealand, I am going to create another album using the same, fun, Jingle paper and buy bigger key rings and finish the album with everyone's recipe and photo. Great idea huh?

This year I mxed up the recipes and photos to get more in the album.  This was my team member, Jackie Gay's idea.  She is brilliant!  Thank you Jackie!

I hope you enjoy the book.  I had a blast creating it and sharing it with the team.  I even had some long distance ladies participate.  Fun, Fun, FUN!


Jane ... said...

The album turned out scrumptious! I'll always love Jingle. :)

Melanie said...

Awwww, you even put pic of me in it!!! :) Love your album! I need to get the pics printed so I can have them ready to go!!! :) Can't wait!!

I, too, will always love jingle. It's a FUN paper...reminds me of "Candy Land" game.