Saturday, October 31, 2009

We are in Paris - Day 1

We made it to Paris, on schedule.  We met our friends in the airport, Carole and Bruce from Washington DC.  We grabbed our rental car and were on our way... almost.  We had a minor incident in the Paris Airport. parking lot.  Kent got a little to close to the curb, pulling out of the rental car's parking place.   Let's just say it wasn't pretty.    No worries, we were not going to let a run in with a curb,ruin our week in Paris.  We assesed  the damage and off we headed to our French Villa.

We drove to Marriott's Village d'Ile France in Baily-Romainvillers.  We checked into our townhome, took a quick shower and  found a French Cafe for lunch.  Did I mention Quiche Lorraine and Creme' Brulee?

Once we had our stomachs full, we drove to a town about 45 minutes away called  Provins France.  Provins is a medieval city filled with history and culture.  As we walked the streets, it felt like we had stepped back into the middle ages.  We had a lovely time exploring the city and eating!  We found a bakery to die for!  Check out the meringue I'm is almost the size of my head.  It was every bit as yummy as it was big!

We hit the wall around 7 P.M.  We headed back home tired and happy.  The minute we got to the townhouse, we showered and crashed!  Our goal- great rest for Day 2!

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Fabulous Flamingo said...

Oh how fabulous! Looks like there is a little chill in the air... you'll need lots of yummy food to keep warm! :)