Saturday, January 24, 2009


This board was made by my buddy... Chris Szczechowski, aka. Scuba Stamper! I love her artwork. Last summer, we went to Hawaii with her and her hubby Charlie! I had to use photos from our trip! Chris is the queen of accessories and techniques. I know you will enjoy her work!

I love this page because I love Dolphins. The dolphin that I am holding is a movie star. He appeared in the move... 50 First Dates. Check out his smile. It is a smile of a movie star!

Can I say... BLING! I love the way Chris used sparkles to enhance this card. It is spectacular in person!

I love our new frames. She was very creative in her use of the embellishments on this card. I just love it.

That is all of my display boards for this catalog. My display board was Emporium and it is featured on a blog earlier this month. I hope you enjoyed the boards as much as I have. Thanks for looking...


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Jane ... said...

Beautiful cards, layouts & photos! Unforgettable is a keeper. And now I'm anxious to get some of the new frames.

I've enjoyed seeing the great display boards.

3008 will go down in "herstory"! (It's the editor in me ... that popped right out ... sorry!)