Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Excited!

I was so excited to receive a photo today, that the corporate office took of Jeanette and I at Leadership! It is a perk for getting a national award at our Leadership Award Banquet. If you are an award winner then you get a personalized photo with Jeanette. Cool huh? The national awards that I received this year were:

#1 CTMH Website Sales
#3 Unit Sales for team over 1000
#4 in Recruiting
#4 in Sales
Centennial Club- 100 Events in one year

I am so proud and so honored to work for such an awesome company.

Now are you ready for the silly story that goes with this photo??? Look carefully at the award. Who's name is on it???? (you may have to double click on the photo to enlarge it). The name reads, Kay Pekin... and I am holding it. Here is the story behind the photo...

Every time I earned an award, I was instructed to go sit back down at the table. The reason, I was getting another award and I needed to be available to receive it. So I would go on stage, get my award, sit down, put my award next to my chair and then go back when they called my name. The last award I received was "#3 in Unit Sales for teams over 1000 team members". When it was finally time for my photo, I had a "smaller" award than my number 1 award. The number 1 award, which was larger was next to my chair at my table. My upline- Kay Pekin- got the number 1 award in unit sales for a team from 500-1000. When I got to Jeanette, Kay had just finished her photo. Me, being silly Tina, didn't want to hold a "smaller" award in my photo, so I "borrowed" Kay's award. Little did I know that you could "READ" the writing on the award in the picture!!! (I'm turning 3 shades of red as I type) So... there you go.... That's the story of Tina holding Kay's award on photo night. That will teach me. I just gotta laugh so I don't cry!

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