Monday, April 27, 2009

Super Saturday

Saturday was the first day this spring, that we thought it would be warm enough for water sports. The question was... should we take the boat out for the day or the wave runner? The boat won because of the dogs. They love the boat and haven't been out since last July.

We packed up the dogs and the boat and headed towards Ft. Walton Beach. The day was perfect- Sunny, warm, with a mild wind. We rode to Destin near Crab Island where the water is clear! We let the dogs out to play while we enjoyed a picnic lunch. We didn't stay out too long because our lab is 10 years old and she tires quickly. When she is at the beach she runs herself silly. We stayed out maybe two hours before deciding that was enough for her!

As soon as we got home and started cleaning the boat. Kent looked over and said... "It's a perfect day for the wave runner, want to break it in for the season?". We dropped everything and took the wave runner to Navarre Beach and launched. Whew... was it ever cold!!! The wind had picked up and the surf was moderate. As I drove into the waves, we got soaked. It was so fun but we only lasted about 45 minutes before we decided it might be a better idea to go eat a fish sandwich at Juana's, a local restaurant.

The day was perfect. When we couldn't decide what to do... boat or jet ski... we did both. Those of you who know me, it makes perfect sense. I WANT IT ALL! LOL! I feel so blessed to live in this beautiful area, and to have the opportunities to do all these fun activities! What a life!


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