Saturday, September 20, 2008

Travel Journal

In 2007 I earned a cruise to Alaska, from CTMH! My dear friend Barbara gave me a beautiful travel journal. It was one of the most beautiful paper craft gifts that I ever received. In fact, I haven't written in it yet, even though she gave it to me almost 2 years ago!!!! I save things I love... I don't want to ruin them. GO FIGURE!

Anyway, she inspired me to make a few books for the Mediterranean cruise. One for me, and one for my secret sister. I love them BOTH! Oh dear... which one will I keep? Which one will I give away? Time will tell! I hope my secret sister enjoys her book as much as I have enjoyed mine. (hopefully my secret sister will write in hers!!!!)

Creatively yours,


The books were made from Perfect Day Paper Packet and Notebook Paper Packet. (Both from the Autumn Idea Book)

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Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Tina! I have your blog on my favorites list and visit often. Your work is so inspiring!