Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things that make me smile!

One of my very favorite things (other than my CTMH stamps) is my pink heart bike. Kent bought it for me a year and a half ago for my birthday and I love it.

I am fortunate enough to be spending the weekend in Seaside, Florida. Today, I woke up and I rode my bike 13 miles. WOOOHOO ME! I have never had a bike that has made me so happy and that has made me WANT TO RIDE!

At the end of the ride, I cycled to the beach and snapped a few photos. I just had to share. Hope everyone's weekend has been as grand as mine!

Creative Hugs,


1 comment:

Roxie said...

Wow Tina
That bike totally rocks. It makes me want to ride and I am not a bike rider.