Thursday, October 23, 2008

Black Bear, Black Bear- What do you See?

I see Kent and Tina... looking at me!

Ok, here is the story. It is 9:00 p.m. I am leaving for a scrapbooking retreat tomorrow! My DH is helping me load the car with all my scrapbooking treasures. Kent is talking to the neighbor across the street and our neighbor Charlie says... "Is that a bear?" We look up and see this beautiful HUGE black bear in the middle of our street, just looking at us! Kent starts backing up slowly, Charlie calls wildlife and rescue and I run and get my camera!

When I return outside the bear is gone! Darn- I missed the Kodak Moment! We have a wildlife preserve behind us, and Mr. Bear had disappeared into the night!

When we return inside, we immediately run to the computer and do a search on Florida Black Bears! Here is some advice if you are in Florida and encounter a bear...

Don’t approach any closer, and don’t whip out your camera and start taking pictures. It’s important not to make any sudden or abrupt movements. Let the bear see you are a human and mean no harm, by slowly waving your arms and continuing to talk in a low, firm monotone voice.


Just in case you are interested...

Florida Black Bears

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