Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been scrapbooking

I have been extremely busy with CTMH! (Busy is good)!!! I have been lacking in my posting due to my schedule. I haven't had time to post or create until last night. Kent was out of town for one night and I stayed up and scrapbooked until the wee hours. I started working on a Retreat - My Creations Album. It is a perfect size for my team retreat photos. I actually created the entire cover last night. I thought I would share.

I would like to take credit for the color combination but I was inspired by Jeanette Lynton's blog post about Moon Doggie Goes Pink! That is how I came up with the binder cover. I love the way it turned out.

Tonight I am doing the inside pages. I will post them when I finish. Who would guess that Moon Doggie looks so good in pink. Thanks for the inspiration Jeanette.


SCRAPBOOKING TIP- If you notice the "E" in the word Retreat, you will see it is not all there. I goofed it up and didn't realize it until after I took the photo. My good friend Barb (waving to Barb) shared a tip with me. If you take a piece of tape and put it over the part you want to remove... it comes up COMPLETELY! I couldn't believe how easy it is to fix. I just added a new "E". My book it totally fixed and I am so happy. I am too tired to take another photo tonight. I will post the cover again, along with the inside pages tomorrow so you can see. EASY PEASY!


Melanie said...

I LOVE IT!!! It's more beautiful than you described!!!!!! I need to get one of those now!!!

Love the tape/rub-on repair tip!

Kayla R. said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful project. I might "stamp lift" some of your ideas for my vacation album. We are going to S Padre Island this summer and I should have some good pictures. Also, thanks for the repair idea!!