Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bad Dog Dixie

My darling Dixie....

For those of you who do not know Dixie, she is my 10 year old lab. She is the best dog ever! She minds well, is very loving, an all around good dog. When she is home alone, she is able to roam the house freely as she never misbehaves. Daisy, my springer, is another story, as she has to stay in a crate. Daisy has separation anxiety.

Today, I came home to a DIXIE MESS! I had been gone all day and I guess she got tired of waiting for dinner. When I walked into the door, she tucked her tail and ran into the bedroom. When I went into the laundry room, I found out why!

Darling Dixie became Bad Dog Dixie today! Enjoy the photos of Bad Dog Dixie. What a mess!

Still mopping the floor,


1 comment:

Fabulous Flamingo said...

OH MY! Yup! Dixie did a darn good job. It's always such a pleasure coming home to a bag of garbage shredded into a million pieces! All I can say is "I've Been There!"

Laughing Flamingo ~ Cathy